Ending the treatment is not synonymous with ending the fight against illness. After leaving hospital the young patients go back home. Without a proper help in the time of convalescence period both the children and their parents experience anxiety, doubt, depression. Thus, there is a need for therapeutic and rehabilitation classes. Such classes will lead the children along the path to health, allow to overcome anxiety and gain confidence. „The Angel’s Wings” is a perfect place for children after an exhaustive treatment, a place where the patients in charge of the Fundation will learn to live again after the diagnosis. The center will allow for the youngest to rebuild carefree joy of life, bring a smile back on their faces. „The Angel’s Wings” is a synonim for restored hope, the place of overcoming fear, pain and suffering! Be The Angel of „When time matters” Foundation! Build with us The Support and Therapy Center „The Angel’s Wings” for children after life-threatening illnesses.