„Get an Angel” Action is an original project of „When Time Matters” Foundation – (

The Action is about writing postcards and addressing them to the children who undergo treatment on oncology wards. The project was initiated by the parents of children struggeling with cancer. Anxiety, pain, doubt accompany the children and their family during the treatment. The postcards from Angels are to bring them hope, happyness, sense of security. They also create opportunity for making new friends which is essential in the time of experiencing loneliness.

In a short period of time the scope of the Action exceeded our expectations. The letters came from different parts of the country and the world. Next, they were delivered to oncology wards in Warsaw (Cildren’s Health Center), Poznań, Białystok and Lublin (Children’s Clinical Hospital). The scope of the action and its efficiency have been awarded by the all-Poland portal „Zwrotnik Raka” („The Tropic of Cancer”), placing our project in the top ten of the best activities in the oncology field in 2016.

The action enabled gathering founds to buy necessary equipment, including the devices that facilitate children’s functioning during their stay in hospital.

„The Champion Bell” has been hanged on the children’s oncology, hematology and transplantology wards in Lublin. It announces the end of oncology treatment.