The Action is addressed mainly to schools and volunteer employee groups. Not everyone in need asks for help, and sometimes it is so easy to make a good deed. We encourage you to do the shopping for seniors, bring help to the needy in shelters, bring homemade goods to a nursing home, help the children from children’s homes in their homework. Together let us make „The Calendar of Kindness” and make the world a better place!

January - „Nobody Is Lonely” - we write postcards to seniors who struggle with loneliness. We help with cleaning and doing shopping. We read books in hospitals.

February - „Everyone Is Loved” - we write Valentine’s cards to lonely and elderly people.

March - „The Beauty Is In Us” - we collect clothes for the poor. We buy flowers from the seniors, who sell the effect of their effort- they offer prepared for this purpose bouquets to passers-by.

April - „A Piece of Love” - we make Easter baskets for those who are not able to collect food ingredients on their own. We prepare Easter cards a.o. for people in hospitals and nursing homes. We paint eggs for Easter fairs and thus collected money we spend on summer camps for the children who undergo treatment on oncology wards.

May - „Sweet Life for Everyone” - collecting sweets, toys and other gifts for a Children’s Day.

June - „We Are Together” - we visit lonely seniors, organize Neighbourhood Family Picnics, support single mothers.

July - „Holiday, like in the old times” - a journey into the past, we provide holiday attractions for the youngest. We organize classes and integration games for the children from backyards.

August - „Hurray, School!” - we organize the action of collecting school bags, school accessories and clothes for children.

September - „Autumn of Life” - making bookmarks, organizing fairs from which the income will be donated to people in hospices.

October - „We Remember About Everyone” - we clean up neglected graves. We organize the action Feeder- we provide food for animals and collect blankets for animals in shelters

November - „We Share the Warmth” - we collect winter clothes for children and homeless people

December - „We Are All One Family” - we collect toys and food for poor families. Thus we provide opportunity to the poorest for decent Christmas in joy and wellbeing. We bring homemade pastries for the lonely and needy people.