„When Time Matters” -WTM Foundation (polish “Gdy Liczy się Czas”) unites primarily parents of children who struggle with cancer. The painful experience of treatment hardships became an impulse to take action and bring help both to the children and the parents. We conduct our action on Pediatric Oncology wards. We work with hospital facilities in Warsaw in the Children’s Health Center and in Lublin in Children’s Clinical Hospital. We organize: rehabilitation holidays, all-Poland charity events, intergration parties and fundraising. Despite the activities we mainly conduct for children, we do not forget about their parents. They, together with their children, also experience the hardships of the treatment.

There are many challenges ahead of us. Not only do we provide help during the treatment but we also support cancer prevention among children and we provide rehabilitation for patients guiding them on a path to life and health.

Our main goal is to create a system of comprehensive care and support for children staying on oncology wards, promote cancer prevention and provide rehabilitation for children after the completion of treatment.